I'm Tar van Krieken, a 25 year old Dutch software developer. I currently don't have a job and am instead focusing on getting my Computer Science master's degree. On this site I will talk about projects I've worked on, general topics I find interesting, and some of my hobbies.

I got into programming when I was around 14 years old, through the Minecraft mod Computer Craft. I learned the basics of programming through trial and error and reverse engineering examples I found. It definitely was not the fastest way to learn programming concepts, but I am proud of being able to figure things out myself and I think it gave me quite a deep understanding of the fundamentals.

Nowadays I enjoy trying to write clean and maintainable code, but in some cases I still resort to messy stuff if something needs to get done quickly or code quality is of low importance. I also like to come up with my own solutions for challenges I face, instead of using existing libraries. In many cases this results in me reinventing the wheel, but in some cases it makes me come up with useful novel algorithms or design patterns. This has always been a great way for me to get first hand experience and really challenge myself with non-superficial challenges.

Below you can find pages on all projects and topics I thought were worth documenting. Bare in mind that I am currently still working on filling this site with all the articles I want to write, hobbies I have, and projects I have done.






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